Saturday, 1st October 2016
2.00pm-6.00pm (prior to Jacky's Jukebox social dance in the evening)

Doors open at 1.00pm
The Rivoli Ballroom (350 Brockley Road, London SE4 2BY)

Competition Chairman: Vernon Kemp
Competition Co-ordinators: Soren & Bradley Stauffer-Kruse
Adjudicator: Mandy Pearce, Fellow and Examiner ISTD (Amersham)

>> 2016 ENTRY FORM<< [Click Here to Download Entry Form]

Join in the Fun!

The UK Fun Competition is an informal and fun practice competition for starter, beginner and improver same-sex couples.

The event is intended to be a fun practice competition without the pressure of larger international competitions, it is therefore particularly suitable for starters, beginners and improvers--so find a partner and come have a go! There will be no B or A class in the Graded Ballroom & Latin competitions--couples are kindly requested not to enter in a competition in which they have previously competed in B class or higher (classifications in senior competitions excluded), however you may enter another competition in which you have not previously competed in the upper classes (ie. if you ordinarily dance B in Ballroom you may enter the Latin competition if you have not previously competed in B or A class). All dancers are welcome to enter the Fun Dance competitions (no classes).

Competitions for all...

All competitions will be one dance only, however you may enter as many as you wish. The following competitions will be offered:

Starters Competition (for competitors who have never danced  in a competition before with a partner in any style) (any partnership: WW, MM, MW, WM)
> Waltz
> ChaChaCha

Graded D & C Class Ballroom & Latin Competition (Same-sex couples only: WW, MM) (D=beginners, C=improvers) Nb. male and female couples will dance in the same competition.

> Waltz > Quickstep    
> Rumba > Samba    

Fun Dances (No classes, dancers at any level may enter)
> Same-sex Argentine Tango (MM or WW)
> Same-sex Salsa (MM or WW)
> Same-sex Paso Doble (MM or WW)
> All-comers Sindy Swing (any partnership: WW, MM, MW, WM)
> All-comers Saunter Together (any partnership: WW, MM, MW, WM)
> All-comers Viennese Waltz (any partnership: WW, MM, MW, WM)

> Six-legs Rumba competition (3 people dancing together, any gender)
> Change-partners Jive (enter individually)
> Change-partners Waltz (enter individually)
> Hello Dolly competition (solo competition)

> Rio ChaCha competition (solo competition)


Enter Now!

The registration fee is £12 per competitor in advance (£11 in advance for UKSSDC members) for as many competitions as you would like to enter. You may also enter additional competitions on the day if you wish. Spectator passes (or potential competitors!) are also £12 in advance (£11 in advance for UKSSDC members). Entry on the door will be £14. Click on the link below to download an entry form (in pdf format).

>> 2016 ENTRY FORM<< [Click Here to Download Entry Form]

If you have questions or for further information please email us at:

Competitors must be 16 years of age or older. All entrants are advised to wear suitable dancing shoes and clothing. If you have any special needs please contact the organisers in advance (email:

A bar and refreshments are available at the Rivoli Ballroom -- please do not bring alcohol into the ballroom.

The UK Fun Competition is affiliated with the UK Same Sex Dance Council (UKSSDC). The Fun Competition follows UKSSDC competition rules, however because it is a 'fun competition' not all rules will apply.